Siberian Aronia - Reaching a clear understanding by way of science and experience

In the last few decades, Siberian Aronia has been the subject of significant scientific research, which contributes to increased insights into the full range of its beneficial effects on human health. The complexity of the active principles of Siberian Aronia shows medicinal effects in the case of chronic and acute diseases, but also in the case of their prevention.

In a healthy human body the ratio of antioxidants is physiologically balanced. However, various conditions such as stress (mental, physical, temperature, etc.), exposure to various toxins, heavy metals, various types of radiation, pesticides or certain drugs, as well as an unbalanced diet (obesity, malnutrition), polluted atmosphere, smoking, physical inactivity - all these disturb the oxidative balance and cause a cascade of acute and chronic illnesses, while the use of Siberian Aronia can positively affect the overall health of the organism and increase the quality of life. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, Siberian Aronia effectively protects the cells of the entire organism and their genetic material from damage, slows down aging and acts on a very wide range of diseases.

Siberian Aronia helps in cases of cardiovascular disease, strengthens circulation and affects the normalization of blood pressure, lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and makes them more elastic, helps in fighting atherosclerosis and varicose veins, and is able to regulate blood count in a short time span.

Siberian Aronia protects the endocrine system, especially in the case of thyroid problems, as well as in the regulation of blood and urine sugar levels, which makes it effective in solving diabetes problems. At the same time, it significantly helps in regulating body weight. It also calms the problems of the gastrointestinal tract, affects the proper functioning of the intestines, contributes to the regulation of digestion and appetite, helps with problems with the gallbladder and bile ducts. The presence of pectin and fruit acids may induce nausea in some people with hypersensitive gastric mucosa, but the juice can be consumed concurrently with other types of food.

A strong hepatoprotective effect (i.e. protection and recovery of the liver) of Siberian Aronia has been established, as well as a beneficial effect on the protection of the kidneys and pancreas, as well as the urinary tract from bacterial infections. Due to the presence of oxalic acid, Siberian Aronia should not be consumed in excessive amounts, or should be completely avoided, by persons with a tendency and history of oxalate formation in the urinary tract.

The active principles of Siberian Aronia neutralize heavy metals and radioactive substances in the body, and protect against various types of pathogens. After the Chernobyl disaster, Aronia was distributed to the affected  population in order to prevent the consequences of radiation.

Regular consumption of Siberian Aronia contributes to the strengthening of immunity and prevents the development of bacterial and viral infections in the body. By its action, Aronia alleviates allergic diseases.

In addition, it has UV and IR protective effects, which support the skin's defense mechanisms against radiation. It accelerates wound healing, prevents skin aging and slows down the formation of wrinkles.

Siberian Aronia has a beneficial effect on the healthy functioning of the eyes and improvement of vision, even in cases of certain already developed visual disorders, relieves headaches and migraines, and acts neuroprotectively, creating protection against dementia and Alzheimer's disease onset.

One of the best tips for people who are looking for food that can potentially reduce the risk of developing cancer, but also be an ally in the fight against various malignant diseases is certainly Siberian Aronia, which has already been shown as an extremely strong antioxidant with anticancer effect.

We constantly emphasize that experience and knowledge should be united under the watchful eye of science, which respects the laws of nature and acts in the service of humans. Healing is a personal thing because every individual is unique. Aronia Treasure natural juice is not a substitute for your doctors, who know you and prescribe therapy in cooperation with you. Always inquire whether the use of Siberian Aronia would not be at cross purpose with quality treatment, or whether research has identified negative effects that would adversely affect your personal health - even if you are healthy - or would potentially worsen the disease. Additionally, it is well known - and not only in the case of Siberian Aronia - that the combination of certain types of medicines and food is not good, regardless of the quality and richness of natural active principles and nutrients in that food.

We advise studying various relevant sources about Siberian Aronia, but also suggest active work on building a healthy lifestyle, we encourage sober thinking, searching, continuous learning, as well as general enrichment of knowledge and raising awareness about life - that supreme gift and blessing.

The experience of Father Slobodan

We recently received a letter from Archpriest Slobodan Jovic from Saratoga, who, according to his own testimony, uses Aronia Treasure, and through his impressions enables us to further enriche our experience. His sincere message is simply in the service of health and vitality. With the consent of Father Slobodan, we carry this letter in its entirety here:

Dear friends from ArmedinaUSA,

I am writing to you because I want to share my experience with Aronia.

I have read about Aronia for a long time in American sources as a powerful and miraculous plant. The first real meeting with Aronia took place last year (2017) in the Alhambra, California, during the celebration of the Diocesan Days. His Grace Bishop Maxim invited us all to try Siberian Aronia, which was provided by the daughter of my parishioner. I tried it too - and while its astringent taste isn’t something that immediately appeals to most - after all, Aronia was right there at our fingertips.

Upon my return, I soon had diabetes screening with my endocrinologist. My blood sugar level was extremely high (12). Something had to be done immediately. The doctor suggested switching to insulin, which I did not want at all. I asked him to give me three months to try something else with the food. I didn't tell him anything about Aronia.

Since that point I have started with Aronia Treasure, every morning for a small scoop (50 ml) on an empty stomach, before breakfast. I was lucky because Siberian Aronia arrived in my parish at the right time, so I immediately got a whole case. In three months, my sugar returned to almost normal - from 12 to 6.9. This was a real miracle! The next three months further lowered my sugar to 6.1.

At that time I was taking a very costly medication, so I asked the doctor to withdraw it from my treatment. He agreed to give it a try. For the next three months, without the usual medication, my sugar level remained within the limits of normal, stabilizing around the value of six.

Now I know without a doubt that Aronia helps a lot. Plus, my energy levels throughout the day are amazing! Aronia Treasure is a miracle, and I advise everyone to try it!

Archpriest Slobodan Jovic
Saratoga, California

Aronia Treasure

In perfect conditions, by cold pressing in a closed system, according to the latest HACCP standard, without the addition of preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, without added sugar and without the presence of gluten, we produced juice Aronia Treasure from Siberian Aronia, which is very resistant and not treated with chemical protection, while growing in the north of the Eurasian continent, in an area at least 500 miles from the first industrial zones and at temperatures below freezing for most of the year, all of which provides the kind of quality that it is not available to most people in everyday purchases at farmers’ markets and supermarkets. Measurements at Brunswick Laboratories have shown that the Aronia Treasure antioxidant level of ORAC6 is over 20,000 μmolTE at a dose of 50 ml. One bottle of Aronia Treasure contains 750 ml of juice, which is enough for at least two weeks of daily use. Once opened, the bottle should be stored in the refrigerator.

Siberian Aronia juices are available on the American market. More information about the products themselves, methods of purchase, points of sale and cooperation through distribution and sales, can all be found on the website, or by contacting the importer ArmedinaUSA: 650- 666-2444

Take advantage of the simplicity and benefits of online shopping.

ArmedinaUSA Team

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