Frequently Asked Questions


What is Aronia?

Aronia melanocarpa (black chokeberry) is a North American native plant, where Native Americans have traditionally used it to cure the cold. Among other substances, the berries of Aronia melanocarpa contain anthocyanins and procyanidins, possessing strong antioxidative potential.

What is Siberian Aronia?

Realizing the many healing properties of Aronia, it has been introduced and cultivated in the northern parts of the Siberian region of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. The Aronia plant adapted to the Siberian harsh weather conditions (freezing temperatures for 6 months of the year, specific soil, and isolation from industrial pollution), thus creating a plant with distinctive characteristics: Siberian Aronia.


What is the proper serving size?

Serving size is 50ml (3.3 tablespoons) for people with health issues. Otherwise, 30ml (2 tablespoons) as a daily supplement for the healthy person.

How do you measure the serving size (50 or 30 mil)?

A measuring cup is included with every Aronia Treasure bottle.

What is ORAC value?

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) unit, ORAC value, or “ORAC score” is a method of measuring the in vitro antioxidant capacity of different foods and supplements. Aronia Treasure was measured for its ORAC value by the Brunswick Laboratories, Boston, Massachusetts.

Is this product of Serbia or Siberia?

We grow our berries in Siberia and then cold-press them in our processing facility in Serbia. So, while it is a product of Serbia, the berries themselves are indeed grown in Siberia.

Where are the Aronia berries from?

Our aronia berries are grown in Northwestern Siberia, where our aronia plants have adapted to harsh weather conditions.


My sugar level is elevated. Would one bottle of Aronia be enough?

No, one bottle will not be enough. Recommended usage is a minimum of three (3) months.

How long do I need to drink Aronia?

Recommended usage of Aronia Treasure is a minimum of three (3) months. However, there is no limit on how long you can use it.

Aronia has natural antioxidants. How does that help me?

Aronia Treasure contains natural antioxidants that improve overall health. Their main role is to mitigate free radicals in the body that are a main cause of sickness and other irregularities in the human body.

What is an antioxidant boost?

A shot of Aronia Treasure taken on a daily basis, either on its own or mixed with other juices.

Should I use Aronia only when I am sick?

No. Prevention is also important and Aronia Treasure can be taken on a daily basis.

Can I drink Aronia as a preventive measure?

Yes. It is recommended to take Aronia Treasure as preventative measure.

What is the best time of the day to take Aronia?

You can take it anytime during the day. However, our recommendation is to take Aronia before breakfast, and if that is causing an upset stomach, try taking it two hours after a meal, or any time during the day, whenever you feel comfortable. If the problem persists, you can also try mixing it with water or your favorite juice to minimize any discomfort.

Can I mix Aronia with other juices?

Yes! Aronia makes for an excellent antioxidant boost to any juice or smoothie you may already drink.