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The human existence is an unspeakable miracle and a magnificent secret. The constant striving to solve the riddle of origins and meaning of our existence is an expression of the human desire for fullness of life. Through synergy, through a dynamic encounter with their loved ones and with nature, humans discover what they are, and what they should be. If we alienate ourselves from the community and from the nature into which we are born and organically connected, we essentially become alienated from our very selves. A human is a being that exists in synergy, in a relationship, it arises through a relationship and achieves its fullness through a dynamic relationship.

Following the rhythm and pace that the modern way of life imposes on us, we tend to endanger in countless ways our health as the supreme value of life, and everything we end up (not) doing for it echoes right back to us. Pathological phenomena follow each other and work together against life; when faced with disease, all our obsession with prestige, status symbols, profit and the like fades away... We turn then to nature, since guided by the instincts that live deep inside us, we feel that nature has an answer to the most difficult questions.

The basis of every form of life is the cell, tiny and invisible, and yet crucial for everything that moves us, as well as everything that stops us. Does living in harmony with nature require a secret recipe? No, because with the treasure of Siberian Aronia - Aronia Treasure - we get an essential understanding of the logic of nature, contained in the beneficial synergy of a wide range of nutrients and active principles.

The power of synergy

With the seven basic tones, some can produce nothing but noise, yet others can create a symphony for all time. Likewise, the various gifts of nature require deep, generationally honed knowledge to unite them into a perfect harmony that can help and recover man.

Synergy is more than a simple sum of elements - it is a new, special value that these elements give only in interaction, connected in a certain relationship and in the proper spirit. Many people are forced to use numerous drugs, because they suffer from several different diseases, not knowing that one drug often cancels the effect of another and that, by treating one organ, they may weaken some other vital functions. It is necessary to treat a person, not a disease. We should move in the direction where one good effect drives a long series of desired changes.

Siberian Aronia is your first step towards the goal of living healthier and feeling better. You will be surprised by the size of that step!

Backed by valuable knowledge and experience, doctors and food technologists have managed to produce - in perfect conditions, by cold pressing in a closed system, according to the latest HACCP standard, without any preservatives, additives, emulsifiers or added sugar - Aronia Treasure from Siberian Aronia, which grows in the north of the Eurasian continent, in an area at least 500 miles from the first industrial zones and at sub-freezing temperatures for a better part of the year, thus providing a quality not available to most people in everyday stores and markets.

Aronia Treasure is not a substitute for your doctors, nor do they act contrary to anything they prescribe you. Siberian Aronia juice give you the opportunity to give yourself what no one, except nature itself in its best expression, can do for you. Thanks to its pronounced antioxidant effects, as well as the richness of active principles and natural nutrients contained in the optimal ratio that provides their synergistic effect on humans, acting on the cell level and the processes that take place in it, neutralizing oxidative stress (which we talked about in previous segment of this story), the juices of Siberian Aronia lead to the establishment of harmony in the whole organism. And harmony is, in fact, just another word for health.

The unity of nature and science

With illness, as with any opponent - the more we know about it, the easier it will be to overcome it. It is easier to win if the enemy is weaker. Let's start with prevention, and let's begin from children.

Why is poor nutrition so devastating, especially for children? The basic task of fast food is to provide as many calories as possible, packed into the fastest, most beautiful, tastiest and cheapest meal, and the main consumers of this food are children. In childhood, organs are created and developed, the foundations are laid for the future motors of our organism. Every nutrient that is taken into the body is incorporated into our liver, heart, stomach, lungs, brain.

What kind of building materials do we use to create the future quality of life of our children?

A lack of natural vitamins and minerals does not show clear symptoms that a deficiency has occurred, and as such cannot be recognized immediately. It often takes a long time to determine the true causes behind these symptoms, and then resorting to artificial options as solutions (multivitamins, multiminerals). Again, there’s the same concept - fast, cheap, comfortable, but artificial - without the enzymes that should incorporate the introduced elements into cells, tissues, organs. Thus, we create favorable conditions for all those negative predispositions that children carry in their heritage to be manifested.

Is there a family in which at least half the members over age 40 do not have a chronic disease, caused by a genetic predisposition combined with bad life habits? Our children have a genetic heritage too, but life habits are something we teach them.

Generations of experience from four continents - Europe, Asia, Africa and North America - are united with knowledge under the watchful eye of science. Respecting the laws of nature and not trying to be bigger than it, science works here squarely in the human interest.

The story of Siberian Aronia, as a reliable collaborator on the road to health, will continue in the next issue.

Siberian Aronia juice is available on the American market. More information about the products themselves, ways of buying, points of sale and cooperation through distribution and sales, you can find on the website, or by contacting the importer ArmedinaUSA: 650-666-2444

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